From mothers and fathers who have participated in the CLICC program:

Starting this relationship through books has not just benefited me, but has truly changed the life of my household as a whole by providing interesting ways for us to connect with each other and by broadening our perspectives in general through
I want us to become more like mother and daughter, instead of like sisters. I think
the CLICC program is giving us a great opportunity to open up communications
together, and she is excited about it. Lately, she seems to be wanting more of a
relationship with me.
I truly thank CLICC for all you do — not just for me, but for everyone else.
Thank you for all you do for us and our children.
I thank you for what you are doing for my daughter and me. It means more than
you think.
My daughter looks forward to meeting with her mentor each week and is reading
much better.
CLICC brings you and your child together to build a stronger bond.
We have something besides outside life to talk about.
I want to learn how to keep a good relationship with my children and keep the lines of communication open, so they won't forget who I am and that I love and care about them. With CLICC, the progress is good.
While incarcerated, a daily search within myself for peace was desperate and unending. The CLICC program helped me find that peace and helped me to realize that I need to ask for help, so I don't have to face my problems alone.
Not only has CLICC provided help to the women at York (CI), but it also has helped mentor our children to better their future, encouraging them to want to learn.
Just a little note to tell you how grateful I am to your program. It has helped my
daughter and me get closer through reading the books together and the letters we
send each other.