How We Began

CLICC was founded by Boston native Arthur H. White (1924-2014), a businessman and activist who believed in doing what he could to address societal problems.

A longtime resident of Stamford, CT, Arthur served on countless local, state and national boards and commissions and was involved in many nonprofit initiatives. He was a cofounder of Reading is Fundamental (RIF) and Jobs for the Future (JFF).

Arthur was appointed to the Federal Prison Industries Commission by President Clinton in 1997 and later became a special assistant for education and job training to the US Bureau of Prisons. In 2003, he started CLICC to improve the literacy and family relationships between incarcerated parents, their children and caregivers.

CLICC was pilot-tested with mothers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT (2009-10) and with mothers and fathers in the Connecticut state prison system (2014-16). Today, CLICC continues to expand its presence in the Connecticut system and works with children of incarcerated parents across the state.